Why cheap international calls are essential in the modern world

Planet Talk has been helping you make really cheap international calls since 1996.

Why cheap international calls are essential in the modern worldTechnological and social changes have combined to make it an essential need for people to be able to make cheap international calls whenever they need to.


Global communications have changed dramatically in recent years, with people and organisations now reliant on the ability to make cheap international calls. In many senses, the world has become a much smaller place, with increased international trade and travel resulting in greater movement of goods and people across international boundaries. Just this month, a travel expert pointed out that international travel can be a great way to boost an individual's career prospects. Tom Griffiths, founder of gapyear.com, said that people can now fly pretty much anywhere in the world for £1,000 - and the life skills gained from such experiences overseas can be immensely attractive to prospective employers. Indeed, parents with children on gap years abroad are among the groups who stand to benefit the most from the chance to make cheap international calls. So it is clear that the trend towards globalisation has resulted in the widespread need to keep in touch with people in different countries through cheap calls.

What are the options for making cheap international calls?

In view of the explosion of new technologies and communications over the past few years, the sheer number of international calling options may at first seem daunting. Gone are the days when you had little choice but to sign up to a service offered by a single fixed-line provider, leaving you without the luxury of shopping around to find cheap calls. Now, not only are there a variety of fixed-line options on offer, but mobile and internet-based international calling services have also started to emerge. Each option will appeal to different consumers, depending on the international calling package that suits them best. The internet offers various different options, but customers who prefer the consistency and availability of fixed-line and mobile services also have a number of exciting alternatives for making cheap international calls.

Planet Talk's international calling packages

Planet Talk offers three main options, which are cleverly designed to suit individual customers depending on their own personal preferences and international calling needs. And one great advantage with Planet Talk is that you do not need an internet connection of any kind, so there are no worries about broadband connection problems, not to mention the additional fees associated with getting online. Even better, you have the choice of using either a mobile phone or a fixed-line connection to make cheap calls with Planet Talk, which means it offers unprecedented flexibility.

Planet Talk Instant appeals to consumers who prefer not to commit to a regular contract and enjoy being able to make cheap international calls as and when they choose, with absolutely no obligation. This option is surely the easiest to use of all international calling options: with Planet Talk Instant there are no accounts to set up in advance, making it a great choice for those who like to make cheap international calls without any pre-planning.

However, some people do need the reassurance of a more formal international calling account if they are looking to make international calls more regularly. For them, Planet Talk Account could be just the solution. An added bonus with Planet Talk Account is that it offers fantastic flexibility, as the user can choose whether to use a landline or mobile phone to make cheap calls.

The third option for making cheap international calls with Planet Talk is a service known as Planet Talk Card. This may well be the most tempting option of all for those who like to make cheap international calls through their mobile phones. Indeed, it may be fair to say that Planet Talk Card is the service of the future: mobile is where it's at in many ways right now, especially among the younger generation who love to keep in touch around the clock. Indeed, data from Opera Software shows there was a 143 per cent increase in the number of people using mobile web browser Opera Mini in the 12 months from June 2008. Planet Talk Card could therefore be referred to as a next-generation international calling option, as it enables consumers to sign up via a premium SMS service, which they can also then use to conveniently top-up their account to pay for their cheap international calls. Making cheap international calls while on the move has become a reality, with Planet Talk Card customers able to make cheap calls from their mobile phones.

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