How to make cheap international calls to Pakistan from the UK

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The ability to make cheap international calls has become an essential need for individuals and businesses in the modern, globalised world. This is especially true in the case of the UK and Pakistan, two countries which enjoy numerous historical and cultural connections. Here we examine some of the many options available for making cheap calls to Pakistan from the UK.

Every day, large numbers of people benefit from the ability to make cheap international calls to Pakistan from the UK, through services such as Planet Talk. Especially in light of the global economic downturn, the need to make cheap calls through a high-quality service has never been more paramount - with many businesses looking to international markets in order to extend their market reach and deliver a much-needed boost to sales.

There are now a number of options for making international calls, each with their own benefits. As already mentioned, the ability to save money through cheap calls is likely to be a major attraction for many in today's market, but the ever-important factors of reliability and flexibility will nevertheless remain at the forefront of people's minds as they look for the best international calling option for their own needs.

The traditional fixed-line service is likely to offer reassuring levels of reliability for many individuals who need to make regular international calls. The idea of simply picking up a standard telephone and dialling to speak to friends and family overseas whenever they want to must be an exciting prospect for people who need cheap international calls to keep in touch with loved ones. However, busy businesspeople who are constantly on the move may favour a wireless option such as Planet Talk Card, which will enable them to make cheap international calls to Pakistan via their mobile phones. Similarly, Planet Talk Account is another alternative that may appeal to businesses or families alike, as it enables the user to keep an ongoing record of their international calls. In a nutshell, all options have their own advantages – the choice comes down to the needs of the individual user.

Pakistan – recent developments
Pakistan is a large country, with the latest CIA World Factbook estimates suggesting that it has a population of more than 176 million people. The overall age of the population is young, with just 4.2 per cent of people aged 65 years or over. This may suggest that there is a significantly large number of individuals of working age in Pakistan, ready to take advantage of any employment and business opportunities. More than a third of the population live in urban areas, according to the World Factbook figures, while any gains in national wealth are said to have been driven in recent years by the industrial and service sectors.

In terms of communications, the World Factbook states that Pakistan has a "dramatically" improving infrastructure, with large investments being made in both fixed-line and mobile networks. This may mean that people making cheap international calls to Pakistan from the UK will have greater opportunities in future to more easily reach their contacts.

The UK is a major trade partner with Pakistan, which means that, from a business point of view, the ability to make cheap international calls is no mere convenience – it is an investment. In the global economy, it is vital for companies to be able to enter into dialogue with contacts overseas, whether they are suppliers, employees or customers. Many UK firms will therefore regularly need to make cheap calls to Pakistan in order to protect their interests and develop their business. A government body called UK Trade & Investment (UKTI), designed to help businesses to take advantage of the exciting opportunities created by globalisation, offers a full range of services for companies looking to trade with Pakistan. This may reflect the strong demand for cheap international calls to Pakistan. UKTI offers to assist businesses in finding local contacts in Pakistan, carry out market research and attend trade fairs. Business in Pakistan can also only benefit if increased stability is achieved in the region, with the latest news reports stating that Pakistan and Tajikistan have pledged to step up their efforts to combat Islamist militants in the region.

The demand among individuals and businesses looking to make cheap international calls to Pakistan appears to be high – and there are a range of options for those looking to make cheap calls. International calling packages from Planet Talk, as discussed above, offer a range of reliable and flexible international calling options. If an individual wants to make cheap calls to Pakistan, the best course of action will be to assess the merits of each package - and then pick the one that best suits their own needs.

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