There are plenty of options for people looking to make cheap international calls to India, with fixed-lines carrying their own benefits and mobile communications becoming more popular with each day that passes. Here we look at some of the key issues surrounding the massive demand among consumers and businesses for cheap calls to India, which is said to be emerging as something of a powerhouse in the global economy.

Introduction – why cheap international calls have become essential

The ability to make cheap international calls has become a necessity for consumers and businesspeople in the modern world. Gone are the days when individuals and organisations could operate without effectively engaging with the outside world; the need to make cheap calls has become paramount in a world of constant communication. This is especially true in light of the ever-growing desire among consumers for the latest mobile gadgets: a longing for regular communication with friends and contacts was illustrated by a recent survey from media research firm ComScore, which revealed that some 29.4 million people in the UK visited a social networking site in the month of May. With a service such as Planet Talk, which offers a variety of international calling deals, consumers can now go one step further and speak to others across the world whenever they want - and at little cost.

India - recent developments

India and the UK have a long history of shared communications, family links and business and cultural associations. The need for cheap calls between the two countries could not therefore be greater. Many UK companies operate offices and work in conjunction with firms in India, especially in the high-tech IT sector, while similarly many Indian businesses and entrepreneurs have strong links with the UK. As a result, there is a substantial demand for international calling services between the UK and India. Indeed, a financial expert recently argued that UK exporters should be looking to do more business in emerging economic powerhouses such as India and China. John Hawksworth, head of macro economics at PricewaterhouseCoopers, said growth in those countries is "much stronger" than in the eurozone. Businesses that decide to take Mr Hawksworth's advice might wish to sign up with a telecommunications provider that offers cheap international calls, in order to set up business deals and build up profitable relationships with overseas clients.

And as one of the most populous countries in the world, it may come as no surprise to learn that there are plenty of both fixed-line and mobile phone users in India. New data from the CIA World Factbook reveals that there are currently 37.75 million main telephone lines in use and a massive 362.3 million mobile telephones in the country. The Factbook states that recent liberalisation of India's telecommunications sector has resulted in "rapid growth", with a large number of services especially present in urban areas. So, it would appear that people in India have increasing opportunities to make and receive international calls. People in the UK looking to make international calls to India should note that the country's international dialling code is 91.


For the large number of people in the UK with economic, family or cultural links with India, a telephone service offering the benefit of cheap international calls must surely be a necessity rather than a luxury. In terms of Planet Talk, there are three specific services on offer, the beauty of this being that the slightly different benefits of each will appeal to different people.

Planet Talk Card, for instance, is a fantastic option for consumers or businesspeople who like to make cheap calls while on the move from their mobile phones. As the editor of Mobile Europe magazine Keith Dyer recently stated, each new generation of mobile phones is becoming ever more impressive, with a raft of new features on offer to users. Combining such excellent features of the latest mobile phones with the benefit of cheap international calls must surely be an exciting proposition for many people.

But Planet Talk's other two offerings – Planet Talk Instant and Planet Talk Account – also offer certain flexible benefits as well as the guarantee of cheap calls. With Planet Talk Instant, customers are able to make cheap international calls to India without the need to sign up to any contract, making it a welcome option for people who prefer to pay as they go. Planet Talk Account, as its name suggests, may be an attractive option for others who prefer to keep a clear record of their international calling and enjoy the benefits of having a formal account. Whichever option you choose, it is clear that the need to make cheap international calls to India has never been stronger.

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