How to make cheap international calls to Brazil from the UK

Planet Talk has been helping you make really cheap international calls since 1996.

The ability to make cheap international calls to Brazil is vital for many people who live in the UK. Whether they have friends, family or business contacts in the country, lots of people are on the lookout for a way to make cheap calls to Brazil through a high-quality, reliable service. There is now plenty of choice for the consumer, due to the advent of new technologies and the emergence of innovative communications solutions. The internet, for example, offers various options, while customers who prefer the consistency and availability of fixed-line and mobile services also have a number of exciting alternatives for making cheap international calls.

Planet Talk offers different options, which are cleverly tailored to suit individual customers depending on their own personal preferences. One significant advantage with Planet Talk is that you do not need an internet connection, so there are no worries about broadband connection problems and the additional fees associated with going online. Even better, you have the choice of using your mobile phone or your standard land-line connection to make cheap calls, which means it offers fantastic flexibility depending on your circumstances. Planet Talk Instant appeals to consumers who prefer not to commit to a regular contract and enjoy being able to make cheap calls as and when they choose, with absolutely no obligation. The fact that it is so easy to use and includes no pre-payment or account makes it a great option for those who like to make cheap international calls every now an then. However, a service such as Planet Talk Account might be just the thing for other individuals, especially those who know that they will be needing to make regular cheap calls to Brazil at the lowest cost. With Planet Talk Account, an added feature is that the user can choose whether to use a landline or mobile phone for making cheap calls – which means it offers the ultimate in flexibility. Planet Talk Card, on the other hand, is an exciting option for people who want to make cheap calls to Brazil from their mobile phones. This next-generation service enables consumers to sign up via a premium SMS service, which they can also then use to conveniently top-up their account to pay for their cheap international calls to Brazil.

Brazil – recent developments
Brazil is a huge country, by some distance being the biggest and most populous country in South America. As the major economic force in the region, consumers have different options with their telephone services. Fixed-line connections have remained fairly stable over recent years, according to the CIA World Factbook, while cheaper mobile services are said to be taking off especially among the lower-paid members of society. The increasing takeup of mobile services appears to be occurring across many countries right now, with Brazil being no exception. A UK-based expert recently stated that the ability to access different forms of media on the move is the key trend within the telecommunications industry right now. Speaking at the games and media event GaME09, Kristof Beets of Imagination Technologies said consumers can begin to expect TV and computer services gradually migrating over to their mobile devices. So it would appear that Planet Talk Card customers in the UK will be using their mobiles for a wide range of tasks in addition to the particularly useful feature of cheap calls. Interestingly, the CIA World Factbook points out that there were 50 million internet users in Brazil in 2007.


If you want to make cheap international calls to Brazil, you have all kinds of options. While all the alternatives offer different advantages, it is perhaps not possible to say there is one superior option which is suitable for everyone. The key fact to bear in mind is this: if an individual wants to make cheap calls to Brazil and is looking for the best service, the option they choose will depend simply on their own individual circumstances. Given the growth of mobile services taking place right now, Planet Talk Card will clearly be a very good option for many people who wish to make cheap international calls to Brazil. The idea of being able to make cheap calls while on the move to friends and family at the other side of the world must surely be an appealing one. But Planet Talk Instant and Planet Talk Account, as discussed earlier, should certainly not be ruled out. They place control firmly in the hands of the consumer, who can be confident in the knowledge that they can make cheap calls to Brazil, whenever they want to. It's no wonder that facilities which offer the chance to make cheap international calls to Brazil at the user's convenience are so popular with so many consumers.