Gibraltar Call Gibraltar

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Gibraltar Call Gibraltar

Call to landlines


Access Number
0843 454 1020

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Access Number
0911 079 1020

Call cost the 'per minute' service charge shown plus your phone company's access charge
  • Calls are charged from time of connection to the service
  • Please hang up after a short time if you call is engaged or unanswered
  • You must have bill payer's permission before using the service
  • Call cost the 'per minute' service charge shown plus your phone company's acccess charge
  • Access charges may vary, check with your service provider before calling

Planet Talk Instant is our Instant Dial service, just dial the appropriate access number for an instant cheap international calls from any phone. No account, sign up, or credit cards needed.

Only 2 simple steps to start calling instantly !

1. Enter your destination from the rate tool
2. Dial the access number then your full destination number includeing the country code
E.G for Gibraltar at 5p/min dial 0843 454 1020 then 350 XX XX XX XX

Gibraltar Call Gibraltar

Call to landlines

Call to mobiles

A connection charge equal to the per minute rate applies (max of 10p)

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Open a pre-pay account to access cheap international calls and cheap UK calls from any UK phone. Plus you will benefit from a host of features to make calling even easier

Planet Talk has a way to make cheap calls to Gibraltar to suit everyone. If you want to make a cheap calls to Gibraltar immediately without opening an account, buying a calling card or using a credit card use a Planet Talk Instant access number right now and call Gibraltar at a great rate. If you want to call Gibraltar from your mobile phone without having to get a new SIM use Planet Talk Card and get Gibraltar calling credit sent straight to your mobile. Open a Planet Talk Account for great quality lines to call Gibraltar from a registered landline or mobile or with a PIN from any other phone.