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Planet Talk Account

Calling Tips to help you make your cheap international calls even easier.

Save important international phone numbers in your mobile to include the Planet Talk Account access number to make cheap calls quick and easy! 

Dial 0800 036 3738 or 0800 036 1457 or 0207 669 5000 + full destination number from your registered landline or registered mobile

You may also use the online ‘Hotdial’ editor to get a personal access number and save your personal access numbers in your mobile handset Phone book.(see how to program your access number into your mobile phone) 

Alternatively, you can call 0800 036 3738  or 0800 036 1457 from any phone in the UK using your PIN and authorisation code. For example 0800 036 3738 + authorisation code and PIN followed by the number you are calling in full. (Rates may vary, check with your service provider before calling) 

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