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Calling friends and family in South Africa has never been easier. Our app guarantees call quality and very cheap rates.

You can call anytime, from anywhere, to any landline or mobile on the planet. And no hidden charges means real peace of mind. You just pay what it says.

So if it's your mum's birthday, you've forgotten your favourite recipe or you just want to catch up on the gossip, download our app and call now.

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Cheap calls don’t have to be poor quality. You'll hear every single word. "Yes mum, I am eating properly!”

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We're called Planet Talk for a reason. We cover the whole planet! Cheap calls to your destination.

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Keeping in touch needn't break the bank. Calls through our app are always cheap. Rates start at 0.5p per minute.

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It's very easy. These short videos will answer all your questions and help you start
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